Clean, DDF, STD Free Only

Posted: July 5, 2013 in Uncategorized
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Here’s some food for thought. When you are posting an ad with these tags, you’re not lowering your risk for sexually transmitted infections.

Consider this: Most people who have an STD don’t know it!

Hooking up with someone with HIV can be safe. Condoms are of course the default, much like a seat belt during sex. But did you know that someone who is undetectable and on medication lowers the risk of transmitting the virus by up to 96%. To give you some perspective on what this means one source is quoted with saying that condoms are 98% effective. Ponder that for a moment. Also, referring to yourself as clean (though it seems to be the norm) is largely a ridiculous claim. The only way to know if you are not infected is to get tested for STD’s including HIV regularly if you participate in sex with multiple partners.

Saying you are “clean” implies that people with HIV are “dirty”. That creates stigma. Stigma leads to fear. Fear prevents people from getting tested. Not getting tested spreads HIV quickly where those who seek treatment lower the “community viral load” and prevent the spread of infection. So, that being said, if you use the tag “clean”, you are perpetuating the spread of HIV. Think about that for a second.

Most people who know they have an STD aren’t out there trying to spread their infections. If you have ever had the burning sensation that goes hand-in-hand with gonorrhea or chlamydia, sex is the last thing on your mind. Some testing can be really expensive and some people are afraid of the stigma attached with asking for those tests from a clinician or family doctor (rural areas carry a huge stigma on STD testing because everyone knows everyone.) 
As a result they will not get screen and assume they are “clean” and “DDF”. Viola. Now you have the clap. 

HPV? 4 out of 5 people who are sexually active are infected with some form HPV. So now you have limited your dating/fucking pool quite considerably.
Get vaccinated for HPV– it’s not just for teenage girls. 

Here’s my advice to you:

Instead of “clean” (which could refer to you as I have showered) state the truth. “I have good hygiene and have had an STD screening and have been tested for HIV in April. I prefer condoms with new partners.”

DDF: try this, “I’m not interested in drugs and prefer sober sex. I have been screened for STDs and practice safer sex,” “I’m in recovery and do not want to be around drugs,” or even “I’m not into drugs and prefer partners who are not also”.

Condoms will do their job if you do yours. Don’t fit? There are larger condoms. Don’t feel as good, try different types (female condoms, polyurethane, and flavored.) 

Don’t like condoms? I don’t blame you, most people don’t. Lots of people don’t like seat belts either. IF you don’t want to use a condom, try establishing a monogamous relationship and get tested and screened together. Once you are both clear, bareback away! 

Into open relationships? Keep barebacking between you and your partner and wear condoms when you hook up with other people. This leaves something special you and your partner can share and prevents bringing STD’s in to your bedroom from Rando Craigslister. 

Try pulling out. Try being a top. Fetishize cumming on your face or chest. 

Buy “cum lube” and use it with condoms.

Be creative. Be smart. Take responsibility for having the conversation with your partners. Lastly, go forth and fuck like bunnies and enjoy life.Image

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    It’s essential to examine how we talk about HIV if we are going to understand and prevent it.

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